Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Challenge yourself....

WoW brings you tips that will help you not just improve your writing but also your lives... Simple steps make all the difference! :)

Challenge yourself..!
WoW Writing….
What is the secret ingredient that makes your writing an interesting read? Your passion! If you are inspired to write and have keen interest in any topic, words and plots flow out to weave a riveting story. Hence, it 's a no-brainer that you would choose a topic that you like, a topic you are comfortable with. But don’t get too comfortable playing on the same turf. Never underestimate the importance of learning. If you are comfortable writing for children, try writing for adults once in a while. If you are comfortable writing fiction, try writing something reflective. If you are comfortable writing about opinions, try writing about a theoretical topic which will need some research at your end. Dabbling with stuff that is new to you, will bring in a fresh perspective and help you grow and learn as a writer.

WoW life!
Again, let me stress on - Never underestimate the importance of learning! I try to learn something new every day. Be it by reading books, researching a topic on the internet, or speaking to someone about something that I am not very well versed with. Keep challenging yourself and you will find that you end your day with a fulfilling and satisfying feeling. You know how sometimes when you watch a bad movie, you feel terrible that you just wasted precious two hours of your life that you will never get back? Imagine that happening with a whole day! Go to bed thinking of the few bits of wisdom that you gained in the day, be proud of your efforts and enjoy the deep slumber!


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